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About us

Heidi Hope Guerard

 Founder, CEO and creative day dreamer

Heidi Hope

 My work in Photographer Rising: Chief Executive Officer + Bright and shiny object enthusiast + Marketing Maven + Creative spirit + Happiness spreader + Teacher + Painter + Photographer + Dream chaser + overall machine beautifier

What do I do: I dream it, I paint it, I photograph it, I write it, I teach it, I share it, and I put a bow on it!

Who am I: I married my CFO and together we have 3 of the cutest kids on the planet. I founded Heidi Hope Photography, Photographer Rising and Heidi Hope Backdrops and I'm just getting started. I work hard, play harder, follow my heart, create my world, and am grateful. every. day. 

3 Completely True Facts: People tell me I'm shorter in person and they're right + Babies are my favorite people, but I generally like all people if I've had enough coffee + I think life is better with sparkles.

About Alicia Caine

COO + obsessive list maker

My work in Photographer Rising: Chief Operations Officer + whip cracking task master + project management beast + overall machine oiler-upper

What do I do: Brand and marketing strategies, Bright Shiny Object Syndrome defeating, problem solving, box crushing and absolutely nothing artistic.

Who am I:  I am a mother of 7 (yes, seven- all from my body, no twins, same dad), published author of The Photographer's Pricing System, runner, swimmer, Trader Joe's #1 Customer, self-help & business book reader, fish taco eater, minimalist.

3 Completely True Facts: I live in Lululemon because I like to lose and gain weight for fun + I eat gummy vitamins because I just want another excuse to eat candy daily + I can't do pull-ups


Shaun Guerard

CFO+ Number Crunching Ninja

Shaun Guerard

My work in Photographer Rising: Chief Financial Officer + Quickbooks enthusiast + Sales machine + Budgeting Blackbelt + Future planner + Problem handler + Customer Service King + overall human calculator

Daria Valles

Queen of Assistance + Email

Daria Valles

Caroline Campbell

Designer + Surfer

Caroline Campbell

Who am I: Full-time graphic designer for Heidi Hope Photography & Photographer Rising | Wannabe Pro Surfer

What do I do: I make the pretty things! Design PDFs, create custom products & marketing material
3 fun facts:  - I'm a total van-life enthusiast - I recently became vegan - Luke is my favorite Wilson brother