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Replay of 2017 Artist Rising | 6 Day Online Apprenticeship for Photographers with Heidi Hope

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Full Course Replay Access! 
Watch a replay of our 2017 Artist Rising Course.  Includes over 16 hours of lessons and recorded photography sessions with Heidi Hope, as well as 12 Recorded Q&A Sessions and 12 Creativity Challenges. 

Pre-Course Lessons 

  • Lesson 1-The Creative Process
  • Lesson 2- Where are you creating from: Sprit or fear? 
  • Lesson 3-What does your creative voice sound like? 
  • Lesson 4-Creative morning routine
  • Lesson 5-Heidi Hope Photography studio tour
  • Lesson 6- Favorite Cameras & Lenses

Day 1-  Set Creation Foundations
Learn: Set safety, lighting and finding the best natural light, wall and floor options, subject positioning, shooting for composites. 

  • Lesson 1-Set Safety
  • Lesson 2- Natural Light & Camera Settings
  • Lesson 3-Wall & Floor Options
  • Lesson 4-Newborns & Siblings in Natural Light
  • Lesson 5-Shooting for Composites in Natural Light
  • Lesson 6- Polar Express Composite in Photoshop
  • Bonus Lesson: Hammock Composite
  • Bonus Lesson: Protecting Your Work

Day 2- Creating magic through depth
Learn: Crafting your foreground, mid-ground & background, adding texture, hanging elements and adding visual interest, lenses and depth of field, favorite props and decorations

  • Lesson 1-Set design & color theory
  • Lesson 2-Foreground, middle ground, and background
  • Lesson 3-Favorite Props
  • Lesson 4-Lenses & depth of field
  • Lesson 5-Setting Up
  • Bonus Lesson: Colorplay in Photoshop

Day 3- Wednesday, April 5th- A different point of view
Learn: Interesting angles, lens choices, favorite birds eye view sets, working with older babies and awake newborns, creating floral sets

  • Lesson 1-Changing your view
  • Lesson 2-Birdseye Newborn Spring composition
  • Lesson 3-Birdseye newborn, siblings & florals
  • Lesson 4-Creative birdseye composites

Day 4- Thursday, April 6th -Crafting your own sets
Learn: Money saving and budgeting designs, paper-crafting, favorite props & materials (clouds, tulle balls, tissue poms, bunting, special shapes, paper airplanes and boats, balloons, clouds, etc.), maximizing set props through re-purposing

  • Lesson 1-Handcrafting sets
  • Lesson 2-Storage & reuse
  • Lesson 3-Handcrafted sets: Toddler session
  • Lesson 4-Editing handcrafted sets
  • Bonus: Peter Pan Setup

Day 5- Friday, April 7th- Light it up!
Learn: Incorporating lights in sets, Heidi's favorite types of lights and their results, camera settings, depth of field and editing techniques for perfect light bokeh

  • Types of lights
  • Photographing lights
  • Editing lights images
  • Making your own lights overlays

Day 6- Saturday, April 8th- Paint your own sets

Learn: Hand painting sets | How to create your own custom backdrops, best materials and techniques, planning and inspiration process, painting time lapses

  • Painting planning process
  • Painting materials & techniques
  • It’s so easy….Shaun can do it
  • Taking it further
  • Maternity session in limited edition session
  • Inspiration painting: time lapse


* Lifetime access to all videos in an personal online account
* 6 Daily inspiration and optional assignments to push your creativity

* 6 monthly follow-up Creativity Challenges assignments (available as replays)

* 12 recorded Q&A sessions

*Access to the private Facebook group 


Does this workshop include business lessons?
While business topics did come up occasionally in our Q&A sessions, this is our first course devoted entirely to the step-by-step artistic process we use to achieve our signature look at Heidi Hope Photography. Visit for our full library of business tools.

Do I have to own a business?
The apprenticeship is designed for photographers of all levels who want to improve their photography using the techniques and styling of the Heidi Hope Photography studio.  It focuses on the fine art processes of set design, 3-dimensional design, hand painted elements and backgrounds, prop selection, creative lighting, subject placement, camera settings and post processing techniques.  It is not necessary to be a business owner to benefit from the course.

Do I have to shoot in Manual?
Heidi covers camera settings in every demonstration so it will help to understand the basics of exposure including ISO, shutter and aperture, as well as focal lengths of lenses.  It is not necessary that you personally shoot in Manual.

Do you demonstrate studio lights?
Heidi uses natural light only and explains finding the best light in any situation (studio or homes!)  No studio lights are used in the lessons.

If I have taken an Online workshop with Heidi, is this the same content?
No. This is newly recorded footage.

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